Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Portrait of Jensine

This is a portrait I'm working on of Jensine. I've been working a lot on the face and need to work on everything else a lot more. I'm not sure if I like working with oil, but I'm progressing.

Some Paintings

Here are some paintings from this semester and last semester.

Once again, sorry for the poor photo quality. The top is a still life. The bottom is a child soldier for a "Sad Picture" assignment.

Conceptual Portrait

Sorry about the horrible photo quality. This was a conceptual portrait for Yuko Shimizu's class.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Anatomy of a tortoise.

My first etching, I drew the transmission first then put the tortoise around it. A steady, controlled acceleration could be the reason why the tortoise beat the hare. 


One of my first etchings. I have a more refined, aquatinted print of this that I'll post soon.



A house. A tree. Clouds. And a horizon line.

Here's one of the images I used to complete an assignment "A house, a tree, clouds and a horizon line" for Yuko Shimizu's Principles of Illustration class. This one is cut paper. I have a small collection of various papers with different colors, textures, and patterns that I used to make this.


An attempt at tri-colour.

Fahrenheit 451: Mechanical Hounds

Another assignment for Sam Weber's. I chose to illustrate the mechanical hounds from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The hounds are described to have spider legs, a syringe, and a flamethrower (I'm pretty sure). It's been a while since I read the book. The top is a sketch to just work out the idea and experiment with a tighter wash for the head while using a bold, expressive mark for the fur and body. I plan to refine the final piece. 

I also picture the final as a wrap around book cover with the head on the front and body on the back of the book.

More Sketchbook Pages

Some more sketches. 

Samurai Sketches and Final

The top three images are studies for the final at the bottom. This was for Sam Weber's ink techniques class. I wanted to experiment with contrast and dry brush techniques. The middle two images are bamboo studies where I tried to use a more expressive mark.

Some Sketchbook Pages

Here are some sketchbook pages that amuse me. More crab, a bat called "need blood." that I made a while ago. I'll post the original need blood. soon.